Apr 1, 2018

The Stone Sky - N. K. Jemisin*&query=&page=0&searchid=15

The Obelisk Gate - N.K. Jemisin*&query=&page=0&searchid=14

Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a Neighborhood Echo - Pam Munoz Ryan*&query=&page=0&searchid=29

Blue Planet II: Take a Deep Breath (2018)*&query=&page=0&searchid=10&pos=2

The Perfect Nanny - Leïla Slimani*&query=&page=0&searchid=9

Victoria & Abdul (2017)*&query=&page=0&searchid=8

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - Rachel Joyce*&query=&page=0&searchid=7

12 Strong: The Declassified True Story - Doug Stanton*&query=&page=0&searchid=6

The Tuscan Child - Rhys Bowen*&query=&page=0&searchid=5

Myths and Mysteries of California: True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained - Ray Jones*&query=&page=0&searchid=4

The Wright Brothers - David McCullough*&query=&page=0&searchid=3

The Three Questions - Jon Muth*&query=&page=0&searchid=2&pos=1

Doctors, Professors, Kings & Queens: The Big Ol’ Box of New Orleans (2004),%20Professors,%20Kings%20%26%20Queens:%20The%20big%20ol%E2%80%99%20box%20of%20New%20Orleans&by=TI&sort=MP&limit=TOM=*&query=&page=0&searchid=1

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers*&query=&page=0&searchid=7

Harold and Maude (1971)*&query=&page=0&searchid=6

Nina: Jazz Legend and Civil-Rights Activist Nina Simone - Alice Briere-Haquet*&query=&page=0&searchid=4

Viva! la woman - Cibo Matto (2016)!%20la%20woman%20-%20Cibo%20Matto&by=KW&sort=RELEVANCE&limit=TOM=*&query=&page=0&searchid=3

The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken*&query=&page=0&searchid=1

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane - Lisa See*&query=&page=0&searchid=24

Three Seconds - Anders Roslund*&query=&page=0&searchid=23&pos=2

The Son - Jo Nesbø*&query=&page=0&searchid=21

Fargo (TV Series)*&query=&page=0&searchid=19

Breakfast with Lucian: The Astounding Life and Outrageous Times of Britain's Great Modern Painter - Geordie Greig*&query=&page=0&searchid=18

This World - Teddy Macker*&query=&page=0&searchid=39

The Fifth Season - N.K. Jemisin*&query=&page=0&searchid=33

Brooklyn - Colm Tóibín*&query=&page=0&searchid=12&pos=8

Brooklyn (2016)*&query=&page=0&searchid=11

Words in Deep Blue - Cath Crowley*&query=&page=0&searchid=8

Indecent - Corinne Sullivan*&query=&page=0&searchid=7

La Vida Oculta de Fidel Castro - Juan Reinaldo Sánchez*&query=&page=0&searchid=6

Coming Home - Leon Bridges (2015)*&query=&page=0&searchid=22&pos=1

The Old Man - Sarah V.*&query=&page=0&searchid=20

Veggies with Wedgies - Todd Doodler*&query=&page=0&searchid=17

For Today I am a Boy - Kim Fu*&query=&page=0&searchid=16