Oct 1, 2017

Goodbye, Vitamin - Rachel Khong,%20Vitamin&by=KW&sort=RELEVANCE&limit=TOM=*&query=&page=0&searchid=49&pos=1#__pos-1

Reporting Always: Writings from The New Yorker - Lillian Ross*&query=&page=0&searchid=46&pos=1#__pos-1

Priestdaddy - Patricia Lockwood*&query=&page=0&searchid=42&pos=1#__pos-1

Tell Me How It Ends: an Essay in Forty Questions - Valeria Luiselli*&query=&page=0&searchid=41&pos=1#__pos-1

Elementary (TV Series)

One-Man Punch - Yusuke Murata,%201986-&by=AU&sort=RELEVANCE&limit=TOM=*&query=MAH=%27298424%27&page=0&searchid=0&pos=1#__pos-1

Boundless - Jillian Tamaki*&query=&page=0&searchid=35

Defiance: the Extraordinary Life of Lady Anne Barnard - Stephen Taylor*&query=&page=0&searchid=29&pos=1#__pos-1

IT - Stephen King*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=25

Summer Vacation (2012)

Good Morning (2017)

Rosie Goes to Preschool - Karen Katz*&query=&page=0&searchid=52&pos=1#__pos-1

Coming to My Senses: the Making of a Counterculture Cook - Alice Waters*&query=&page=0&searchid=51&pos=2#__pos-2

Killers of the Flower Moon: the Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI - David Grann*&query=&page=0&searchid=50&pos=1#__pos-1

Days Without End - Sebastian Barry*&query=&page=0&searchid=47&pos=4#__pos-4

Decelerate Blue - Adam Rapp*&query=&page=0&searchid=45&pos=1#__pos-1

Paprika (2007)*&query=&page=0&searchid=38&pos=1#__pos-1

The Teeth of the Comb and Other Stories - Osama Alomar*&query=&page=0&searchid=36&pos=1#__pos-1

A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano - Katie Hafner*&query=&page=0&searchid=34&pos=1#__pos-1

Mind Over Meds - Andrew Weil

Getting Life: an Innocent Man's 25-year Journey from Prison to Peace - Michael Morton

Vera (TV Series)

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. - Neal Stephenson*&query=&page=0&searchid=27&pos=1#__pos-1

The Glass Castle - Jeannette Walls*&sort=RELEVANCE&page=0&searchid=24&pos=9#__pos-9

Paper Girls - Brian K. Vaughan*&query=&page=0&searchid=1#__pos-1