Aug 1, 2012

The 500 - Matthew Quirk

The 500 - Quirk, Matthew

Summary: Former con artist and Harvard Law student Mike Ford accepts a position with the DC-based Davies Group, a consulting firm whose specialty is pulling strings for the five hundred most powerful people inside the Beltway.

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*Starred Review* In his first novel, journalist Quirk takes on the Washington, D.C., power structure in a thundering David-and-Goliath tale of corruption. Mike Ford is struggling to pay his tuition at Harvard law and settle his incarcerated father's debt when he's recruited by Henry Davies, who heads D.C.'s most influential consulting firm. Ford soon learns that the job, despite its six-figure salary, multiple perks, and enticing colleague, Annie Clark, is essentially a con game in which the Davies Group seeks to solidify influence with the 500 people who wield the real power inside the Beltway. And Ford, who learned cons, grifts, and more from his father, brings a special skill set to the game. Assigned to work on a job to amend a foreign-relations law to benefit a Serbian war criminal, he finagles a recording that indicates the lengths to which Davies will go to achieve its ends, thus embarking on a deadly cat-and-mouse game with his boss, trained killer William Marcus, and Davies himself. It leads, inevitably, to a final moral dilemma. Expect this propulsive page-turner, with high-stakes action that doesn't stop, to be one of the season's most talked-about debut thrillers. A sequel is in the offing and will be much anticipated. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: With movie rights sold just days after the book itself, the publisher will be orchestrating a blockbuster launch. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

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