Aug 1, 2012

Paris in love - Eloisa James

Paris in love: a memoir - Eloisa James

Summary: Chronicles the year that the author and her family lived in Paris, describing her walking tours of the city, her school-age children's attempts to navigate foreign language schools, and her thoughts on the pleasures and eccentricities of French living.

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*Starred Review* December 2007 was a terrible time for best-selling romance author James (When Beauty Tames the Beast, 2011). Not only did her mother die from cancer, but James found out that she also had the dreaded disease. Her brush with cancer turned out to be treatable, but the struggle had taken its toll, so James felt that a change was in order. Taking a sabbatical from Fordham University, where she is better known as Shakespearean scholar and professor Mary Bly, daughter of fiction writer Carol Bly and poet Robert Bly, with degrees from Harvard, Yale, and Oxford, she and her husband sold their New Jersey home and with their two children set off for a year in Paris. James planned to work industriously on various literary projects but quickly found that the only writing she was doing was on Facebook and Twitter. Her online musings on food, fashion, and family became the basis for this chronicle of an unforgettable year in Paris, where, without the constant claims of academic life and the rigorous demands of the publishing treadmill, James rediscovered the simple pleasures of life. Her chic, charming, and completely captivating memoir of a healing year in the City of Light is bound to inspire readers to dream of setting off on their own escapes. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

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