Sep 1, 2012

Some kind of fairy tale - Graham Joyce

Some kind of fairy tale - Joyce, Graham

Summary: Twenty years ago, sixteen-year-old Tara Martin disappeared from a small town in the heart of England. Now, her sudden return and the mind-bending tale of where she's been will challenge our very perception of the truth. For twenty years after Tara Martin disappeared, her parents and her brother, Peter, lived in denial of the grim fact that she was gone for good. Then suddenly on Christmas Day, the doorbell rings at her parents' home, and there, dishevelled and slightly peculiar looking, Tara stands. It's a miracle, but alarm bells are ringing for Peter. Tara's story just does not add up. And, incredibly, she barely looks a day older than when she vanished.

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Tara is just 15 when she disappears from the woods near her home. Twenty years later, she reappears on her parents' doorstep looking strangely the same as when she left. Her parents welcome her but are now uneasy around her, and her brother is angry, especially when he hears the explanation she offers, which is more fairy tale than abduction story. Only her boyfriend, who had been suspected of her murder all those years ago, is willing to accept her return with little hesitation. But although Tara hasn't really aged, her 20-year absence has been hard on those she cares about, and her return stirs emotions not all of them are prepared to face. It may even place some of them in danger. Reality and fairy tale are beautifully interwoven in this contemplative story about relationships, love, and dreams. In a unique blend of thriller and fantasy, Joyce creates a delightful page-turner that his fans and newcomers alike will find hard to put down. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

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